Luxury Smart Admin v2 With All Swift Feature


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    Luxury Smart Admin v2 With All Swift Feature

    Post by oded on Sun May 08, 2011 11:03 pm

    ***** Luxury Smart Admin With Instant Ban/Unban/Demod/Mod/Room List/Join Room Option *****

    Main Feature:

    * Luxury Theme
    * Luxury Admin Tools
    * Luxury Profile Tools
    * Luxury Store
    * Luxury Room Tools
    * Mail Tools
    * Gift Tools
    * Luxury Group Tools
    * Luxury Avatar Mix
    * Mig wars Tools
    * Help Rooms
    * Admin & Staff Finder
    * Advertisement Center
    * ID Status Checker
    * Mig33 Emote Command
    * Special Flood Code
    * Mig33 Tips @ Tricks
    * Unban Mig33 Id Easily
    * About Luxury Team
    * Exclusive Room Background & Colour

    Basic feature is as follows:

    .help for for all commands
    .set for settings
    .bl for banned list
    .kl for kick list
    .bn user id Instant ban
    .ub user id instant unban
    .mod user id instant mod
    .dmod user id instant dmod
    .list room name for room list
    .jn room name for instant join
    .pvt user id for pvt( only v2)
    .add user id for add (only 2)
    .j1 for enter R id1
    .j2 for enter R id2
    .lv for leave R ID
    press * button for snapshot



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    Re: Luxury Smart Admin v2 With All Swift Feature

    Post by jeger_karera on Fri May 27, 2011 1:51 pm

    hai apa kabar

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